Building Your Own 
  Country Webquest!


 Building your own country is not an easy task, but your teacher has given you THREE STEPS to follow:

Step 1: 
Choose an Identity!
               a. Name Your Country
               b. Design a Flag
               c. Choose a Motto
               d. Write a National Anthem
Step 2:  Run the Country!
               a. Set Up Your Government               
               b. Write a Constitution
               c. Create Laws
               d. Trade and Money

Conclusion:  Create your country's online FactFile to share your project with your peers through blogging!
Let's try to finish one step each day!
Directions:  Each group has one Building Your Country workbook. When you see a + make sure to answer the questions and fill in the blanks in the workbook.

Try it now!
Read the first 4 paragraphs of this article, and fill out your workbook!

When you're ready move on to step 1
(under the process tab)