Building Your Own 
  Country Webquest!

Step 1 : Choose an identity

A.    Name Your Country

Discuss a name for your country with your group. Names can describe the landscape (Iceland) or the government (People's Republic of China),  or tell you who founded it (America -> Amerigo Vespucci).

Find out how the country ofBoliva got its name

Check out thismapshowing the meanings of different country names!

+Choose a name for YOUR country!


B.    Design a Flag

Look at all these cool flagsof different countries! Click on the different pages of flags to see them all!

+ Write 3 similarites and 3 differences your group sees among the flags.

+ Discuss the design of your flag as a group. Then, choose a national artist of your country (a group member) to draw YOUR flag!


C.    Choose a Motto

A "national motto" is a saying that tells other countries what is important to your country. Your motto can be anywhere from one word to a whole sentence.  

+ Check out national mottos from countries around the world!

+ Go ahead and write a national motto for YOUR country!


D.    Write a National Anthem

+ What's the name of America's national anthem? Don't remember?
Search the web!

+ Write YOUR national anthem!

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under "task"